Appearance(s) - GTA San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V (beta)

Vehicle class - Farm/Industrial Vehicle

Combine Harvester

The Combine Harvester is, as implied, a combine harvester in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Description Edit

The Combine Harvester is designed as a driveable combine harvester more suited for farm use, being distinguishable by its wide revolving combine head that moves as the Combine Harvester is moving. Its resulting wide width and weight, coupled with a rear wheel steering configuration, makes the Combine Harvester difficult to control, navigate on populated roads, and store in regular garages. The vehicle is only available in maroon.


Combine Harvester in GTA V Beta

A unique ability of the Combine Harvester is its capability to dismember pedestrians when the player runs him/her over, and then discharge the body parts and gore/blood through an outtake towards the rear. However, CJ himself cannot be dismembered or gored through by a moving Combine Harvester. Goring police is a quick way to earn high wanted levels.

Combine Harvester BETA GTA SA.jpg

Combine Harvester in GTA San Andreas Beta