GoGoMonkey Blista GTAVe Front Quarter View.jpg

Appearance(s) - Grand Theft Auto V [NG]

Manufacturer - Dinka

Vehicle class - Sports

Related vehicle(s) - Blista Compact

Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista

The enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V features a unique Blista compact with a Go Go Space Monkey livery, exclusively for players returning from PS3/Xbox 360.

Design Edit

Despite having a different name and livery, it shares the same design as the normal Blista Compact.

Performance Edit

Despite having a different name and paintjob, it shares the same performance as the normal Blista Compact.

Location Edit

To unlock the Go Go Monkey Blista, the following steps must be completed:

  • Photograph all fifty Monkey Mosaics found around the map.
  • Go to the random event which will be unlocked in the alley directly north of the Los Santos Customs inBurton. The artist responsible for the Monkey Mosaics will be spray painting another mosaic:
  • He will begin running away; photograph him before he is out of sight.
  • You will receive a text saying that the Go Go Monkey Blista is now available in your garage.
  • It will now be selectable from the Special Vehicles menu in your garage.