Appearance(s) - Grand Theft Auto V [NG]

Manufacturer - Bravado

Vehicle class - Sports

Related vehicle(s) - Buffalo S

Bravado Sprunk Buffalo

The enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto V features a unique Buffalo S with a Sprunk livery, exclusively for players returning from Xbox 360/PS3. This variant appears during the Stock Car Races and will become available in each protagonist's garage once the player wins the 4th stock car race.

The stock cars may be modified further in Los Santos Customs including the ability to respray the underlying color. The sponsorship decals can not be changed or removed.

Like with all race versions of vehicles in GTA V, the race version of the Buffalo includes a significant improvement on it's braking capability, top speed, and acceleration. And as with all racing variants, there is no improvement to handling. Despite these upgrades however, there are still much better sport-class vehicles that surpass the Buffalo.