Appearance(s) - Grand Theft Auto V (beta)

Manufacturer - Mammoth

Vehicle class - Military Vehicle

Related vehicle(s) - Patriot

Mammoth Military Patriot (Probably)

The Unknown Military ATV (unofficial name) is a militaryvariant of the Mammoth Patriot that was cut from Grand Theft Auto V. It appears to be a modified variant of the Patriot, thus is based on a Hummer H2 with the cab based on a Hummer H1/AM General HMMWV. Due to the configuration, is intended to be based on the M1097 variants of the Humvee.

It features a longer pickup-style body with a camouflage paintjob and various other performance and aesthetic enhancements that one would expect on a military vehicle. A picture of this vehicle can be seen on an advertisement forWarstock Cache and Carry, but it cannot be obtained at any point in the game, and there is no model for the vehicle inside the game's internal files.

Due to the vehicle being an adaptation of the Patriot for military use, it can be assumed that it shares its manufacturer with the Patriot, being Mammoth.